Step 3: Final Signing
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In this part all refund transactions have been signed and we are now asking you to finally approve before the funds are transferred to the trustless collateral address.

You now have your two final transactions available on the page:

  1. Your personal emergency refund transaction.

  2. The normal refund transaction, which can be run after the lock period.

Remember to download both transactions, so that you are not reliant on CrowdNode to obtain them 😊

The last step requires you to sign a final message. Yoo simply do this by copying the text given and pasting into the Dash Core Console. Then you paste the response and you are good to go.

The system validates the final signature and when all signatures are validated, the funds are being transferred to the masternode address and the masternode is active.


When you need to run any of the refunds, then you need to broadcast the transactions to the network. It is easy and is described here.

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