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How long time does it take to withdraw my balance?
How long time does it take to withdraw my balance?

We strive to pay out as fast as possible, although it sometimes can take a few days.

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You have a balance and are interested to know how fast we will withdraw. Let us explain how withdrawals work and what our terms are.

According to our terms we have a two week processing time. This is to be sure that we can always pay out within the terms as set up. However, we know that we are also measured by our withdrawal time, so it is typically much faster.

Remember that in order to take down a masternode and thereby gain access to the collateral, then we have to:

  • meet 3/4 founders and

  • have access to shamir fragtments of the codes stored in a bank vault

As the largest withdrawals require a masternode to be taken down, then it needs a bit of coordination, which takes time. This is to ensure safety to both ourselves and the collateral. As such, withdrawal of a large amount can take a few days and we therefore appreciate that we are warned a couple of days in advance to ensure a speedier process.

Below you can see an example of how the funds are placed. In this example, there is 139 Dash in the hotwallet and there is a 10 Dash withdrawal pending. Furthermore, we have 790 Dash in the staging wallet.

We have segmented the different withdrawal scenarios below. Apart from automated withdrawals, we queue up the withdrawals, so that the first requests are served first.

And remember that an inflow into the hotwallet can make a big difference in terms of the withdrawal times, as withdrawals can then change category.

Withdrawal size

Withdrawal requirements/time

  • Small withdrawals

  • Typically automated and will be sent almost instantly.

  • Smaller than hotwallet balance, but above threshold where automatically withdrawn.

  • Manual approval needed.

  • Typically doesn't take long time to process.

  • Withdrawal larger than hotwallet

  • 3/4 founders have to approve and in certain cases meet up.

  • Coordination time from our side has to be taken into consideration

  • Withdrawal size requires a masternode takedown

  • 3/4 founders need to meet.

  • Access to bank vault

  • Coordination time from our side has to be taken into consideration

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