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How to deposit using Dash Mobile Wallet
How to deposit using Dash Mobile Wallet
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Go to your Profile Page and go to section 4A DASH Address

If you haven't filled in an address on your Profile page, go to Step A.

If you already have a Valid address on your Profile page, go to Step B.

Step A.

1: Start Dash Mobile Wallet.

2: Click on Receive in the menu.

3: Copy the address shown in the buttom.

4: Paste it into your Profile on in section 4A DASH address.

5: Wait for the address to Validate (might take 5-10 minutes). After validation, Continue to Step B.

Step B.

Explainer: To send/deposit to CrowdNode, your Dash come from the address that you have specified on your Profile.

When you withdraw from CrowdNode, Dash will go to that very same address.

Every wallet holds a multitude of addresses, so unless you use coin control chances are that the Dash in your wallet is not in your registrered address, which is why the first step is to move your coins to the right address.

1: Copy your address from section 4A Dash address on your Profile page.

2: Go to your Dash Mobile Wallet and select Send to Address.

3: Dash Mobile Wallet gives a warning that the address in already in your wallet, which is intended, so ignore this.

4: Send the total balance of your wallet to yourself. Again Dash Mobile Wallet will give a warning.
Important: If you do not get a warning, do not continue.

The Warning means that you are doing it right.

5: Your transfer will show up as an "Internal Transfer".

6: Now you are ready to Deposit to CrowdNode.

Copy the CrowdNode hotwallet address (XjbaGWaGnvEtuQAUoBgDxJWe8ZNv45upG2).

Go into Dash Mobile Wallet and click "Send to Address".

Make your deposit (consider starting with a small amount to test).

Remember if you wish to deposit more another time, repeat entire Step 2.

Welcome to CrowdNode <3

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