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I made a test deposit and my second deposit does not show up. What am I doing wrong?
I made a test deposit and my second deposit does not show up. What am I doing wrong?

You make a first transfer that's OK, but the second transfer is not recognized and is not appearing in the funding table.

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Remember to ALWAYS send ALL your funds to your registered CrowdNode address before sending a deposit to us.

This is the most classic mistake πŸ˜‰ But don't worry, you are not alone 😁

When sending there is an input (or more inputs) and at least two outputs.Β 

Inputs are the address(es) where your Dash are sent from.

Outputs are:

  1. the address you are sending to and

  2. a change-address (for the residual Dash that is not sent to your final destination). The change-address is automatically added in your wallet.

When following instruction for the first deposit, then the deposit is sent to the right address (XjbaGWaGnvEtuQAUoBgDxJWe8ZNv45upG2), however, the remainder of the balance in the inputs are sent to the change address.

The typical mistake happens when you want to send additional funds to CrowdNode, then instead of sending from your registered address, you send from the Change address, which we don't know the address of.

In order to solve the problem, simply send the full amount of your wallet to your sending address before depositing to us.

A small tip!
If you use Dash Core wallet (with coin control enabled), specify your change-address to the sending address that you have registered with us. Then the Dash stay at the same address.

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