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Wallets you can use to send funds to CrowdNode
Wallets you can use to send funds to CrowdNode

We recommend Dash Core for Desktop or Electrum, however, other wallets can also be used. Sending from an exchange wallet is a no-go.

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As you will need to send funds from a static address in your personal wallet, the easiest will be to send from either Dash Core or Electrum desktop versions, as you can specify which addresses to send from ("coin control" or "input selection").ย 

Other wallets can be used, however, they do not provide the same degree of flexibility, and some are unsuited.

Please do not to send from an exchange!

Recommended wallets:

  • Dash Core for Windows/Mac/Linux - view tutorial

  • Electrum for Windows/Mac/Linux.

For other wallets, please follow this mini tutorial:

  1. Provide an address from your wallet to Crowdnode (your CrowdNode address)

  2. Before transferring funds to us, please send your total wallet balance to your Crowdnode address. All your funds are then in one address.

  3. Transfer funds to the CrowdNode receiving address (XjbaGWaGnvEtuQAUoBgDxJWe8ZNv45upG2).

Please repeat the process if sending further funds later on.

Wallets confirmed to be working:ย 

  • Dash wallet for Mobile (it will give warnings when you send to your own address, but it works)

  • Jaxx for desktop and Jaxx Liberty for mobile

  • Ledger Nano S - see tutorial here

  • Coinomi

Wallets not suitable:

  • Exodus (not possible to send to your own address)

In case you accidentally sent us funds without the correct receiving address, we will send back your funds. Please notify us and we will help you ๐Ÿ˜Š

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