When do I receive payments?

Here you will read more on when you will receive your fractional payments

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Becoming a member of CrowdNode you will join the pool of several Masternodes. Whenever a Masternode gets a reward, the reward will proportionally be paid to the members less the 15% fee to CrowdNode.

We have put up a formula for this:

Fractional payment (after fee) = Reward x (1- CrowdNode Fee) x Member Active Balance / Total Active Balance


Fractional payment (after fee):
Actual payment to the customer in digital currency

Payment from the network to a CrowdNode operated Masternode

CrowdNode Fee:
Our fee for the services provided, please see specific fee section

Active Balance:
Deposits of 1 Dash or more become part of a member’s active balance after a qualification period of 1 reward from all of the Masternodes hosted by CrowdNode. Reinvested payments are active immediately.

Member active balance:
Active balance for a given member

Total active balance:
Active balance for all CrowdNode members


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