We recommend using the official Dash wallet, Dash Core, with our service.

The latest version of Dash Core can be found on the official Dash page.

  1. Download the latest version of Dash Core

  2. In order to run Dash Core on testnet, you need to change a parameter in the wallet configuration file, which is hidden. Type Shift + Command + .(dot). You can now see all files.

  3. Go to Users > YourUserName > Library > Application Support > DashCore and open dash.conf with TextEdit.

  4. Write: testnet=1 and save the file.

  5. Open Dash Core. The wallet should now turn orange to symbolize that it is running on the testnet.

  6. The wallet will download the full blockchain, which will take a little while.

  7. In order to use coin-control, which you will need when using CrowdNode, go to Options > Wallet tab and check "enable coin control features".

  8. You should now be ready to roll.

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